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Assignment 2: Case Analysis/Scenario

Discuss the legal issues involved with employing illegal immigrants. Wal-Mart was recently involved in accusations of using illegal immigrants. They countered that the labor was contracted and therefore not their responsibility. Research this issue and explain how the case currently stands. What are the possible consequences for Wal-Mart, including the amount in fines that may be assessed? Do you agree or disagree that this was a legitimate policy for using human resources to achieve a low cost strategic advantage? Discuss with valid reasons. Include the importance of maintaining legal status documentation. Use the Immigration Act to provide guidelines for your discussions.

In addition Wal-Mart has been accused of utilizing sweatshop labor to provide its goods, mostly garments. Visit a few Web sites about sweatshops. One good one is: There are many more. Discuss the legal and ethical implications of using domestic or foreign sweatshops to provide low-cost goods to American consumers. How can HR improve this situation?

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