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Discussion Question
Week 1 DQ 1

Due Week 1 Day 3

Please post your response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply.

Based on the assigned readings for Week One, answer the following questions:   A) What do you consider to be a source of ethics?  B) Many people think ethics should be left to individuals.  Do you agree or disagree with this?  C) Why?


Depending on what type of ethics that you referring too, I believe that a good source is the Holy Bible. The reason why is because these are the ethics that I try and live by. The bible breaks down what is wright and what is wrong. I believe this because I am a christian. Depending on your personal religious belief, it might very. Although I believe that the bible is a good source of ethics, I also believe that ethics are also up to the individual. So based on the question that ethics are up to the individual, I agree. Even the bible has biblical figures that have bad ethics. It is hard to set permanent ethical standards because some situations very.


Response 2

I think a mentor could be a good source of ethics.  If you choose someone who is honest, loyal, and has good ethics you will follow their lead.  This is important in the business world.  I believe truly believe in what you put out into the world will come back to you.  If you are portraying negativity and corruption it will eventually come back to haunt you.
I think ethics are up to the individual and also the establishment they are associated with.  Everyone has their own ideas of what is and is not ethical, but when you are working for or involved in an organization that comes with a whole other set of rules.  What you feel is appropriate may not be in the work place.  Or may be misinterpreted as inappropriate.  For example, what you can say to a friend in a joking manner may not be accepted in the work place by a coworker.  It could be considered insulting.


Response 3

There seem to be many sources of ethics, but I believe the most important ones are upbringing, environment and personal experiences. As adults, ethics can only be left to individuals. Companies, families and organizations can set guidelines to promote and exercise ethics but the ultimate decision whether to do the right thing or the wrong thing rests with the individual. If a person is inclined to behave badly then that is what they will do. Parents can be God-fearing, nurturing and loving parents raising their kids in the nicest neighborhood yet the child can still become an embezzler, jewelry thief or murderer. Should we hold the parents accountable for this behavior? 

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Discussion Question
Week 1 DQ 1

Due Week 1 Day 3