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 Andrea wants to build top of the mind awareness for her nail shop. The best way for her to develop this

awareness would be to

A. partner with her vendors to bring great merchandise into the store.

B. offer better customer service and good publicity will naturally spread.

C. teach nail design classes.

D. repeatedly expose customers to the name of the shop through advertising.

2. For most of the past century, Sears enjoyed the success of Craftsman brand tools. Since Sears

communicates the brand's durability through advertisement, performance and guarantees, Craftsman is the

leading brand of choice for consumers interested in purchasing tools. Which of the following statements

best describes Sears' communication program?

A. Advertising alone was the strategy for Craftsman's success.

B. Sears created and maintained a long-term communication program about the Craftsman brand.

C. Positive publicity single-handedly lifted Sears out of the marketing slump it had been experiencing for the past decade.

D. Sears created a short-term objective of increasing sales.

3. Which of the following does not describe fashion merchandise categories?

A. Buyers for fashion merchandise categories have much more flexibility in correcting forecasting errors.

B. They have a short life cycle.

C. Buyers often don't have a change to reorder additional merchandise after an initial order is placed.

D. Forecasting the sales for fashion merchandise categories is more challenging than forecasting for staple goods.

4. A bookstore is considering stocking a limited edition of Alice in Wonderland dolls at a cost of $125 each.

The manager calculated the retail price with an initial markup percentage of 48 percent and plans to ticket

the product with a ".00" ending. What would the initial retail price be on the doll?

A. $180