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Complete both parts of this assignment and submit as a single document. Part One Your company is deciding to expand to the following countries, and you and two other managers will have to visit these countries to set up operations. You have $1,500.00 to convert in each currency. Copy and paste this table into a new document and compute the following: Country/currency USD value/rate (as of 08/14) Exchange amount Japanese yen $102.28 Euro $0.75 British pound $0.60 Utilizing the same exchange rate, while you are visiting each of these countries, you have to buy supplies/equipment for your operations; you want to determine what it is costing you in U.S. dollars. Please compute the following: Japanese yen Computer (¥167,000.00) $ Euro Desks/chairs (€1,125.00) $ British pounds Printer (£575.00) $ Part Two Respond to the following questions. Not counting Part One, your paper should be three pages in length, double spaced, and use APA style guidelines. 1. Within the past decade, the IMF has provided financial assistance (bailout) to Greece (2010, 1st quarter), Iceland (2008, 4th quarter), Ukraine (2014, 2nd quarter), and Hungary (2008, 4th quarter). Describe the recovery process in each country as a result of this assistance. Also determine whether or not there was an increase/decrease in: · GDP, · inflation, and · unemployment. ( MBA 6601 Unit VI Discussion Board Question ) What are some of the major political risks associated with investing in a foreign country? How does the threat of global terrorism effect foreign investment and the foreign-exchange market in the world today? In your opinion, what might be done to promote investment in unstable or potentially dangerous areas of the world? Please use at least one scholarly reference in addition to your textbook to support your opinion.
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