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( MBA/6601 Unit II Essay ) Write a paper incorporating the external influences that impact business. You should address each facet illustrated below. Your paper needs to be a minimum of three pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, using APA style guidelines. The reference listings and title page do not count towards the minimum page requirement. An abstract is not required. Your paper should also include a minimum of four sources/references, in addition to your textbook. At least two sources must come from any of the academic databases located in the CSU Online Library. Please do not plagiarize others’ work or submit a paper you have previously submitted. All sources quoted or paraphrased must have proper in-text citations with a corresponding listing in the reference page. You are to choose one U.S. based company that has global operations in another country. You are to discuss each facet below and how it may impact the way the company you chose does business internationally. For example, the legal systems are civil law, common law, and theocratic law. If Coca-Cola does business in Iran, how does the theocratic legal system impact the way Coca-Cola does business? Thus, you are to; • Delineate the legal systems and discuss which legal system and political ideology applies to the country you chose that the company does business in. • Delineate the economic systems and discuss which economic system applies to the country you chose that the company does business in. • Discuss the culture of the country (both verbal and nonverbal) and how it may impact the way the company does business internationally. ( MBA 6601 Unit II Discussion Board ) Chapter 3 discusses intellectual property theft and counterfeiting. Discuss the relationship among governments, institutions, organizations, and companies in developing the legal means to fight software piracy. Who does intellectual property theft, counterfeiting products, and piracy ultimately hurt? In your opinion, should software companies, industry associations, home governments, or transnational institutions take the lead in aggressively negotiating with the governments of countries with high piracy rates? Why?
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