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MBA 5652 Unit I Discussion Board Question Companies must react to changes in the external environment which might include changes in the political/legal environment, changes in the economic environment, changes in the socio-cultural environment and changes in the level of technology available. Select a company and discuss how they reacted effectively to changes in one or more of these changes in the external environment. MBA 5652 Unit I Mini Project Using Exhibits 6.4 and 6.5 from Chapter 6 in your textbook as guidelines, respond to the following statements. You are not required to submit the responses, but use your answers as the foundation for the assignment listed below. 1. Identify a business decision situation that requires action in your organization. Be clear and succinct. 2. Assess the current situation. 3. Identify two symptoms. 4. Identify likely problems causing each symptom. 5. Write a decision statement (this is always a question). 6. Identify research objective (potential result) that corresponds to the decision statement. 7. Restate research objective in the form of a question (known as the research question). 8. Develop a hypothesis by (1) reviewing the research objectives and identifying the variables and (2) specifying the variables in a declarative statement and describing the direction of the relationship Write a two-page paper based on the information from your responses. The paper should include the following headings: Current Situation, Problem Statement, Research Objective, Research Question(s), and Hypothesis. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page. Use correct APA formatting when writing your paper. NOTE: This assignment is part of the Unit VIII Research Proposal. This assignment must be submitted in sequence (i.e., Unit I must be submitted and graded by the professor, who will provide feedback to the student before he or she can progress to the Unit II assignment). The student assignment will be graded according to the assigned rubric. The professor will grade and annotate items that need to be corrected by the student. This feedback from the professor will help the student correct any discrepancies before compiling this assignment into the Research Proposal. This will help the student achieve a better review/grade for the Research Proposal. MBA 5652 Unit I DQ And Unit I Mini Project (*****APA Format + Objective + Conclusion + References with Citation*****)
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