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MBA 515–Business Environment, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Week 7 – Short Paper: Intrapreneurial Opportunity

    It is clear to see that there are many opportunities available for the health insurance industry to work within the confines of the Affordable Care Act. Since this legislation has a large financial implication on the industry because of the limits set upon business as it has been. There is one area that they can focus on based on the SWOT and PEST analysis that can potentially reduce cost down the road. 
    The Affordable Care Act has made it so that insurers can no longer set life-time limits for the insured. This, identified in the SWOT analysis as a threat, needs to be mitigated. This inability to drop clients (Hirby, n.d.) will force the company to continue costly medical care to patients beyond what was traditionally managed. Combine this with the social movement, identified in the PEST analysis, to forgo immunizations can be a costly endeavor for insurance companies.
    The immunization debate stems from a fear of the side effects of immunizations. Like any medication introduced into the human body, there are potential risks associated. These risks from medications are because “first, the body often uses the same chemical to regulate more than one process. This means that a medicine may retune not only the desired target but also others that don’t need readjustment. An example of this is that the drug prednisone turns off in