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Marketing Plan  satellite TV



Marketing Plan

A Final Marketing Plan is due the last class session.

The FInal Marketing Plan will contribute 30% to the course grade. 

Focus of the Final Market Plan:


Students will create a 
marketing plan to launch a new product or re-launch a current product.  Choose 
one topic from the list below:


  1. Using Aleve now that Vioxx and Bextra have been taken off the market.
  2. Use of genuine Harley parts for repairs as opposed to less expensive 
    after-market parts.
  3. Flying on a full-service airline as opposed to a low-fare discount carrier.
  4. Staying with Cable-based television instead of switching to satellite TV.
  5. Pursuing an online MBA program over an on-site program.
  6. Students may make a recommendation for a topic not listed subject to the 
    approval of the instructor.


The Final Market Plan must incorporate at least 4 resources, 2 from ProQuest.
Each paper will contain the following elements:


1.      0.1 Company Overview

  1. 0.2 Executive Summary of Marketing Plan
  2. 1.0 Description of the Target Market
  3. 2.0 Description of Competitors
  4. 3.0 Description of Product or Service (P)
  5. 4.0 Marketing Budget
  6. 5.0 Description of Location (P)
  7. 6.0 Pricing Strategy (P)
  8. 7.0 Summary and Implementation Plan (P)


The instructor will review each Plan component as it is covered in class as 
both a reading assignment and in-class discussion.



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