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BUS 620 Maketing plan

Can some write me a paper that isn’t plagiarism in BUS620: Managerial Marketing (NAC1203B) for $75.00 BY June 16,2012. 30% of course grade

To complete the following assignment et Plan. Students will create a marketing plan to launch a new product or re-launch a current product


Staying with cable-based television instead of switching to satellite television

The Final Marketing Plan must incorporate at least 4 resources, 2 from ProQuest.

Each paper will contain the following elements:

  • Executive Summary of Marketing Plan
  • Company Overview
  • Description of Target Market
  • Description of Competitors
  • Description of Product or Service (P)*
  • Marketing Budget
  • Description of Location
  • Pricing Strategy (P)*
  • Summary and Implementation Plan (P)*



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