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Part 1: Deliverable Length: 1,200 words

Sometimes, brands need to be repositioned in the marketplace for a variety of reasons, from gaining new market share to creating an image. You have suggested this during your previous meetings with your client over the last few weeks. As the marketingconsultant for your client’s brand, the management team has requested a draft of the marketing plan proposal.

Some of the information you already know from working with your client for a few months. Other parts you will have to research and create now. You will have your colleagues and the client review most of it before completing the final sections of the plan and submitting it to the client for final review.

The first draft of the marketing plan must include the following sections:

·         Situational Analysis: Include the current industry, market size, growth potential, competitive environment, and future opportunities.

·         Product Positioning Strategy: Choose a positioning strategy for your product designed to change the perception of the current product by the targeted customer group.

·         Customer Profile: Include the details related to your customer’s demographics and psychographics.

·         Marketing Communications: Include 1 message appeal by designing an advertisement for your target market and 1 communication channel for delivering the message to your target market(s). Explain why this message and media matches your target market.

·         Distribution Placement Strategies: Include at least 2 distribution options/channels to get the product to your customer. Explain why you chose these channels.

Part 2: Deliverable Length: 600 words

Based on feedback from your colleagues and client, you must do the following:

·         Revise and finalize the 5 sections of the marketing plan that you already wrote.

·         Add the following 2 sections:

o    Global Opportunities: Select 1 country where the product could be successful. Explain how your product could be expanded into the global marketplace by writing a 300400-word narrative that justifies the following:

§  The country’s current marketplace and competitive environment

§  The country’s economic situation

§  1 cultural value that matches your home country’s product values

§  2 demographic characteristics of your proposed target market

§  The recommendation for expanding into the selected global market; a general statement that toplines the research conducted

o    Executive Summary: Write 150200 words highlighting key points about the plan. It should act as an abstract that explains to management the current marketplace and customer market. It should outline major sections of the plan.



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