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1. State the opposing ethical arguments about marketing; compare and contrast these


arguments in terms of benefits and detrimental effects on individuals, businesses, and the


societies or nations in which they function. Finally, evaluate the arguments, supporting your


stance for one argument over the other. (20 points) (A 1-page response is required.)



2. You are the marketing manager for a video rental chain. You have been asked to


define the major competitive spheres within which your company will operate. Respond to the


following competitive elements as defined by Kotler and Keller (2006), Chapter 2, p. 45.


(30 points) (A 2-page response is required.)


a. Industry


b. Products and Applications


c. Competence


d. Market Segment


e. Vertical


f. Geographical

The Discussion Questions responses should be both grammatically and


mechanically correct, and formatted in the same fashion as the questions themselves. If there is a


Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all


resources used in your responses and document in a bibliography using APA style.

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