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This week’s assignment is focused on consumer purchase decisions and market segmentation, in two parts (how do buyers make decisions and who are these potential buyers?). Select any TWO from among the following five products -- a frozen dinner, a pair of shoes, a toy helicopter, a 70-inch flat screen television and a motorcycle. List, describe and explain, in two or three paragraphs: Specific steps in the decision process leading up to and following the purchase; Factors and influences on the purchase decision; How the steps might be the same or different for your two products. Select ONE of the products you selected for Q. 1 above, and assume the role of marketing manager for that product. List, describe and explain, in two or three paragraphs: The process of segmenting the market for that product; A possible target market for the product, in as much detail as possible and in demographic terms. Make sure to answer ALL parts of both questions. Answers should be in your own words, but should also incorporate key terms and concepts from the reading and lectures for this week’s assignment. You should also be able to relate to the questions based on your own personal experience. For example, would the purchase require a family decision? Would the product be a need or a want? If you’re likely to be in the target market for the product you selected, you should be able to use some of your personal demographic characteristics. What marketing research might be useful? Your submission should be approximately one full page, double spaced and Include citations as needed and write in first person . Be creative and have fun with your answers!
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