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                                                          Marketable and non-marketable objective


This paper tries to examine the strategic planning of happy valley long-term care center and outline finding on the necessity of the described projects whether they are viable or not. On that note, the paper will use comparison means to differentiated outlined plans. For instance, it will consider the market strength that particular strategy holds, followed by the cost and then the application of the outlined objective to the system. The main aim of this paper is to differentiate between marketable and non-marketable objective and necessary outline objective to cut down the cost to increase revenue.


It takes different proposal to come up with better tools for creating a better system. In a care system that is concerned with long-term services, the proposal must be properly scrutinized to identify only the best objective that cut down cost yet aim to implement the core goals. Happy Valley long-term care have proposed objective, but not all of them are marketable at this time. This paper examines the objective provided and differentiated them on the basis of viability to the current market as follows.

Marketable and non-marketable objective

The listed objectives contain both marketable and non-marketable tools for the organization. For instance creating a brand is a marketable objective. Its major objective is to increase the quality of the product offered and, therefore, increase sales as a result. On that note increasing sales goes hand in hand in improving the market share for happy valley long term care. Having a killer brand in the industry will enable the organization to keep the customer and gain many customers through referrals and testimonials (Robert Pearce 2009). In such situation, least cost will be incurred. Therefore, the organization will establish itself as a leader in the industry hence it is still a marketable objective.

In additional, offering incentive and accessibility services to the customers is still a marketing objective. Therefore, services like offering shuttle services to the medical appointment are a marketing technique. This is true since many people will consider cheaper and convenient accessibility rather than expensive and delayed means. Besides that, this means care and concern. Many people love to be cared for; therefore they will find it special and make use of it. The result will be increase