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You have to write about how we going to segment the market and how and who are we targeting and why.I have uploaded the outline for the steps to follow. please read very carefully and let me know if you can follow all the steps. it has to be 3 pages. 

Team-project outline


The key points to follow in your writing

 1 how to segment the market base on what geographic, demographic, age and life-Cycle, gender, income, psyhographic, behavioral, occasion, benefit segmentation ?

What are your market segments ?

we will segment the markets into national parks and golf courses

 2 which one is our target market ? The golf courses

how are going to position our product in the market ?

Please read the description of the product below and what it really does

-          We represent Lasik MD in a new cutting edge technology that will be referred to as <insert name here>.  In a new subsidiary, Lasik has discovered how to apply their surgical lazer into cutting grass.  The <Edge cutter> will allow owners to trim their grass without ever having to lift a finger.  In the golf industry, this would remove the tedious task of having six or more workers mowing lawns.  This would allow golf course owners to save approximately $1,000 a week on grass maintenance and that money could be further invested into the course or simply put into the owners pocket as extra profit. This technology may also be useful to cities and municipalities seeing as our tax dollars go into paying workers to cut the grass (parks, soccer fields, etc.).  Money saved may then be put into other benefits for the tax payers.  This technology is safe, futuristic, and efficient, it is the future of lawn mowing.  In a world with so much to do and so little time, the speed and effectiveness of the <Edge Cutter> is unparalleled.

  follow theses steps in your writing:


4. Segmenting & Targeting

1.      Identify potential and viable target markets for your product. (Make sure that different segmentation variables (see Table 8.1 on page 242) are represented in your profiles (= descriptions) of each segment. àBusiness market on amultiple segmentation basis (p.250). Demographically:

-          Industry:

-          Income: Company size: small to huge Golf courses. And companies revenues?

-          Benefits sought

-          For our segmentation to be valid, should we talk about the requirements for effective segmentation?

2.       Which target market(s) would you choose to pursue? Why? Which one can we better serve? Should we come up with criteria? Put the market segments in a table and quantify each criterion; the one that has the higher will be our selected market.







Segment size and growth:

Are we a small company? If so, mal lack of skills and resources to target the largest, fastest- growing segments.






Segment structural attractiveness:

-   Are there any strong and aggressive competitors?

-   Substitute products

-   Power of suppliers and buyers?






Company objectives and resources







3.      What is the value proposition of your product / service? How would you differentiate your product / service from your competition? (p.265)




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