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Considering the large difference in the salary incentive pay on the total compensation of Wal-Mart’s and the company’s average workers, it has led to a greater impact within the organization as well as the workers. The salary being received by CEO around $1.3 million makes him 82nd highest paid employee of the United States, at the same time the average working receiving around $14 an hour which was not even sufficient to earn a good living.

As far as the various business levels is concerned up, the two levels of difference on the basis of pay like that of CEO and the average workers, it actually makes up a huge difference with respect to the working and functioning of the organization. The pay at higher level of CEO is basically done keeping in mind the various growth rate of the organization right from the beginning of it which continued to grow up as per the new innovative ideas and metrics performance being suggested up by him and makes him work even much harder in comparison to the other average workers. While with the case of the average worker who was just involved to follow up the instruction being led up by the management to run the organization as directed. Looking over to these various perspectives, it can thus be suggested that the pay difference betwee