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Managing public assets


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Managing public assets

Beaver city is located in Furnas County, United States and has a population of 609 people during the 2010 census. The city is rich in natural resources among other public assets that should be taken care of. The increasing concern of limited resources has brought up heated debate on how people can optimally take care of their pubic assets. As an administrative director of a new task force developed by Beaver City to compose a strategy for the management of the Beaver’s assets to guard the City from lawsuits associated to ownership and use of its property. The rationale of this paper is to address the property laws that will be involved in my recommendations, how my recommendations will assist to safeguard the City from lawsuits associated to its property as well as rationale for providing the named recommendations.

It is not a straightforward task for any analyst to comprehend on how appropriate to allocate or manage resources. The analyst is faced by several questions like: which uses are most vital? Hot to exploit the resources appropriately? The time frame for budgeting the utilization of exhaustible resources? In analyzing such issues pertaining natural resources, it is critically vital for the administrator to take into consideration the ownership and form of property rights in public assets. Regardless of whether the perspective is prescriptive, predictive or historical, it is crucial to understand the person or institution in charge of the property rights and under what situation. It is only through the structure of property rights that an administrator can comprehend the decision processes. Also, the property rights model offers crucial systematic leverage in understanding how an administrator can interact with institutions in Beaver City. The