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Question. Explain why a retailer’s investment in having the inventory desired by its target market is not sufficient by itself to offer a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. Question. Should a retailer view its employees as a “cost” or as an “investment?” Support your reasoning. Question. In retailing, customers and employees are distinct groups and have little in common. Agree or disagree and explain your answer. Question. What does it mean to “empower” a retail employee? Give examples from your personal experience of situations where you felt a retail employee was not properly empowered. Question. What are the sources that a department store could use to recruit employees? Would the same sources be effective for use by a cell phone retailer such as a Sprint store? Question. Develop a list of predictor variables you would use to screen applicants for a sales position in (a) a jewelry department in a high-prestige department store, (b) a used-car dealership, (c) a health club, and (d) a fast-food chain. Question. Why might each of the following retailers—movie theater, hospital, amusement, theme park, and health club—desire to screen out certain customers? Employees? Question. Explain why turnover is costly in retailing regardless of whether it is employee turnover or customer turnover. Question. Why must training be an ongoing operation? Question. How can a retailer expect consumes to buy its products when its own employees shop elsewhere? As a result of this question, some clothing retailers have considered requiring that their employees only wear store brands when working. Disregarding any possible legal issues, what would this do to employee motivation? How would you handle this problem? Question. What is customer relationship management and how can it be used to develop more profitable customer relationships? Question. If you were to go to work for a retailer today, what would be the most important supplemental benefit the retailer could offer you? Would this benefit change as your lifestyle changed? Question. What factors in the retailer’s control have a positive effect on employee productivity? Question. What is a “value proposition?” How does a retailer’s value proposition relate to customer retention and building profitable long-term relationships?
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