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Managers Role within the Functional Areas of Business





Manager Role within Functional Areas of Business

Every organization is made up of different departments with different functions or duties. These departments may include but are not limited to accounting, production, marketing and human resource depending with the operations of the business entity. It is employees who perform functional roles for any company within the created departments while the employees may be part of teams working together with the aim of furthering the goals of the organizations within their areas of professional skills and talents (Daspit, Tilman, Boyd, & Mckee, 2013). While in a small organization the functional area might not be distinct, they however still exist. However, a large organization the different departments are easily visible with specialized employees each with different tasks. Each functional area in a business is managed by a manager who ensures all important business activities are carried out efficiently and supports the specific types of the aims and objectives of the organization (Chase, Jacobs, & Aquilano, 2006).

 The Roles of Managers

 Daspit, Tilman, Boyd, & Mckee (2013), states that managers are employees entrusted with authority and reason for efficient and effectiv