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1)Denny Corporation is considering replacing a technologically obsolete machine with a new state-of-the-art numerically controlled machine. The new machine would cost $600,000 and would have a 10-year useful life. Unfortunatley, the new machine would have no salvage value. The new machine would cost $20,000 per year to operate and maintain, but would save $125,000 per year in labor and other costs. The old machine can be sold now for scrap for $50,000. What percentage is the simple rate of return on the new machine rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent? (Ignore income taxes in this problem)



2)Harwichport Company has a current ratio of 3.0 and an acid-test ratio of 2.8 Current assets equal $210,000, of which $5,000 consists of prepaid expenses. The remainder of current assets consists of cash, accounts receivable, marketable securities, and inventory. What is the amount of Harwichport Company's inventory?





3)Trauscht Corporation has provided the following data from its activity-based costing system.

Activity Cost Pool                        Total Cost                      Total Activity

Assembly                                    $704,880                      44,000 machine hours

Processing Orders                         $91,428                       1,900 orders

Inspection                                    $117,546                     1,950 inspection-hours


The company makes 360 units of product P23F a year requiring a total of 725 machine hours, 85 orders, and 45 inspection-hours per year. The product's direct labor cost is $14.55 per unit. The product sells for $132.10 per unit. According to the activity-based costing system, what is the product margin for product P23F?




4)In a recent period, 13,000 units were produced, and there was a favorable labor efficency variance of $23,000. If 40,000 labor-hours were worked and the standard wage rate was $13 per labor-hour, what would be the standard hours allowed per unit of output?




5)The balance in White Company's work-in-process inventory account was $15,000 on August 1 and $18,000 on August 31. The company incurred $30,000 in direct labor cost during August and requisitioned $25,000 in raw materials (all direct material) If the sum of the debits to the maunfacturing overhead account total $28,000 for the month, and if the sum of the credits totaled $30,000, then was Finished Goods debited or credited? By how much




6)A company has provided the following data:


Sales   4,000 units

Sales price   $80 per unit

Variable cost    $50 per unit

Fixed Cost       $30,000


If the dollar contribution margin per unit is increased by 10%, total fixed cost is decreased by 15%, and all other factors remain the same, will net operating income increase or decrease? By how much?




7)For the current year, Paxman Company incurred $175,000 in actual manufacturing overhead cost. The manufacturing overhead account showed that overhead was overapplied in the amount of $9,000 for the year. If the predertimined overhead rate was $8.00 per direct-labor hour, how many were worked during the year?




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