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A.  Create a list of strategies to help students be responsible. The strategies should indicate target age and grade and should include at least one strategy each for helping students:

1.  Manage their time

2.  Complete and return assignments

3.  Stay organized

4.  Record their grades


B.  In a brief essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages),explain how your strategies help students develop each skill.


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How to be Responsible

Management Strategies


Target Grade: 3rd

Target Age: 8-9 years old


1.  Management of time – Students need to be aware of what distracts them from their work.  The teacher can help the students become aware of what distracts them by having them keep a distraction journal.     The teacher can also have the students create a daily schedule calendar using note cards to track time on each subject.  The teacher can also use homework assignments to teach student proper management of time. 


2.  Completing and returning assignments - You can help students avoid being overwhelmed by loose papers by having them bring completed work home on a specific day of the week. Let parents know of the procedure so they can help their child sort through the papers. The teacher can designate a box, file divider, binder with subject divider folders or file drawer for that purpose.  The teacher can use a student checklist spreadsheet within the binder that students check when turning in the assignment. 


3.  Staying organized - Have students organize their papers in folders. Give students a container for small items such items as pencils, pens, erasers, and scissors.  Students in third grade and above can use a three-ring binder with subject dividers and a pouch for pens and pencils. Suggest they label one pocket or folder a take home or homework  and another folder a bring back to school.  The teacher can also hand out a monthly calendar that indicate tests, projects, and important school activities.   


4.  Recording your grades – Provide the students with a progress monitoring worksheet for each subject.   The sheet can include a graphing table to record test grades for an individual subject.  The sheet will include a place for the stu