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26. The efficient frontier in project management is the set of portfolio options that offer a _____________ return for a _____________ risk. a. minimum; minimum b. minimum; maximum c. maximum; minimum d. maximum; maximum 27. Which statement about the use of the profile model is best? a. The profile model requires careful calculation of the percentage risk for each possible project. b. The scale used for the profile model can be any two numerical variables that a company deems important. c. The efficient frontier in the profile model is where return is 100% (or greater) and risk is 0%. d. For a given level of risk, a positive move on the return axes would indicate a superior project. 28. Regardless of which selection method a firm uses, it should always _____________. a. be able to predict how much revenue will be returned to the firm each year b. know which project will ultimately succeed and which ones will fail c. be objective in their selection method d. use a weighted scoring technique 29. The systematic process of selecting, supporting and managing a firm’s collection of projects is called _____________. a. heavyweight project management b. matrix project organization c. profile management d. project portfolio management 30. The concept of project portfolio management holds that firms should _____________. a. regard all projects as unified assets b. manage projects as independent entities c. focus on short-term strategic goals d. focus on long-term constraints 31. A project with the chance for a big payout may be funded if an important criterion is _____________. a. cost b. opportunity c. top management pressure d. risk 32. Group maintenance behavior would be exhibited by a project manager that ______________. a. provides the necessary support and technical assistance b. plans and schedules activities and resources appropriately c. contributes to the completion of project assignments d. works with subordinates to understand their problems 33. The group maintenance behavior of gatekeeping helps to ______________. a. increase comprehension b. reduce tension and hostility c. regulate behavior d. increase and equalize participation 34. The task-oriented behavior of summarizing accomplishes which specific outcome? a. check on understanding and assess progress b. guide and sequence discussion c. check on agreement d. increase comprehension 35. Tim slapped together his first webpage and proudly showed it to all his colleagues, pointing out what he thought were obvious and overwhelming advantages in simplicity and portability. His championing of webpages that he had read about in a trade journal ultimately shamed everyone else into adopting a web-based approach for all communication and cemented his status as a true ______________. a. creative originator b. entrepreneur c. godfather d. project manager 36. Michael wants to carry out his mentor’s long range strategic vision of expanding the company’s customer base by entering the casino business in Las Vegas. He issues a series of memos that explain the importance of these projects and makes sure that all necessary resources are at the disposal of the project management team, which is fortunate to have such a(n) _____________. a. creative originator at the helm b. entrepreneur c. godfather d. project manager 37. Which of the following is a traditional duty of a project champion? a. cheerleader b. visionary c. politician d. technical understanding 38. Which of the following is a nontraditional role of a project champion? a. cheerleader b. leadership c. administrative d. control 39. In order to allocate costs more precisely, a company will assign ______________. a. bar codes to each activity b. activity codes to each subdeliverable c. WBS codes to each activity d. level 4 codes to each package element 40. Which of these statements about subdeliverables is best? a. Subdeliverables have durations of their own. b. Subdeliverables consume resources. c. Subdeliverables have direct, assignable costs. d. Subdeliverables summarize the outcomes of work packages. 41. A young professor becomes obsessed with the latest release of Halo and completely loses sight of his research commitment to his colleagues, falling hopelessly behind schedule and consuming 80% of the department’s computing budget. Addictive behavior notwithstanding, this sad tale would never have happened had ____________. a. configuration controls been established b. trend monitoring been regularly performed c. design controls been appropriately deployed d. document control been conducted assiduously 42. Systems for monitoring the project’s scope, schedule, and costs during the design stage fall under the heading of _____________ control. a. configuration b. acquisition c. design d. specification 43. As the 80th change order floated across his desk, the project manager wished that he had kept the first seventy-nine. What money he had saved in scrap paper might as well be lost in charges that could never be recouped from the client. What he needs is better ___________. a. trend monitoring b. configuration control c. specification control d. document control 44. Which step in project management requires project managers to consider the types of records and reports they and their clients will require at the completion of the project? a. project closeout b. completion phase c. reporting d. planning 45. A priori consideration of information needs is performed ______________. a. several years after a project is completed b. before a project begins c. at the start of a project d. during the project 46. Conflict begins as team members begin to resist authority and demonstrate hidden agendas and prejudices in the _____________ stage of group development. a. storming b. performing c. forming d. norming 47. Everyone in the Tagi tribe agreed to vote out Gervasse at the next tribal council. Their 39- day project to make it to the final four together was two steps away from completion. This project group is in the ______________ stage of group development. a. storming b. performing c. forming d. norming 48. It appeared that everyone on the project team was finally on board; Jim would bring the doughnuts to all team meetings and Jenny would make the coffee. Fully caffeinated and on a sugar high, the team was coming together and fully committed to the project development process. The team was now planted firmly in the _____________ stage of group development. a. storming b. forming c. norming d. performing 49. “Our work here is done,” the project leader shouted as he surveyed the scene. “Go home and reflect on what you’ve accomplished and I’ll see you at the world premiere once we’re all immortalized in a feature-length movie.” This project team is in the _____________ stage of group development. a. forming b. norming c. performing d. adjourning 50. The use of electronic media including e-mail, internet and teleconferencing to link geographically dispersed members creates a(n) ______________ team. a. electronic b. virtual c. telegenic d. cyber Text: Project Management Second Edition, 2010 ISBN-10: 0136065619 Jeffery K. Pinto Prentice Hall
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