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1. There is no such thing as a project team with a(n) ____________. a. deliverable b. ongoing, nonspecific purpose c. goal d. project manager 2. A project that results in “doing the wrong things well” has ignored the _____________ goal. a. budgetary b. technical c. customer satisfaction d. scheduling 3. The technical side of project management emphasizes ______________. a. team building b. conflict management c. negotiation d. budgeting 4. The behavioral side of project management emphasizes ______________. a. scheduling b. leadership c. planning d. project selection 5. Geoffco’s project manager names three individuals and requests a project budget of $3,000,000 for the new 8-Pod, a backpack-sized personal music player for 8-track tapes capable of holding up to 100 songs from the 60s and 70s. This important step takes place during ____________ of the project life cycle. a. planning b. conceptualization c. execution d. termination 6. The degree of risk associated with a project is typically at its highest during the ____________ phase. a. conceptualization b. planning c. execution d. termination 7. A spider web diagram is useful for ____________. a. showing company performance on a number of criteria simultaneously b. collecting data on how a competitor manages projects c. identifying industry standards for project management maturity d. coaching, evaluating and auditing projects 8. The project maturity model developed by the Center for Business Practices would have _____________ rings if a spider web diagram were used. a. three b. four c. five d. six 9. Which of these is not characteristic of a project? a. Projects are responsible for the newest and most improved products, services and organizational processes. b. Projects are ad hoc endeavors with a clear life cycle. c. Projects provide a philosophy and strategy for the management of change. d. Traditional process management functions of planning, organizing and controlling do not apply to project management. 10. Which of the following is not a project constraint? a. the budget b. the customer requirements c. the schedule d. resources 11. Projects differ from classic organizational processes because projects are ____________. a. discrete activities b. part of line organization c. well established systems in place to integrate efforts d. multi-objective 12. Process management features _____________ with respect to project management. a. greater heterogeneity b. greater certainty of performance c. greater numbers of goals and objectives d. lower adherence to established practices 13. Studies of IT projects reveal that _____________. a. initial cost estimates are overrun by an average of 15% b. over 66% of IT projects were delivered to customers but not used c. about 25% of all IT projects become runaways by overshooting budgets and timetables d. up to 75% of software projects are cancelled 14. A business reality that makes effective project management critical is the fact that _____________. a. products are becoming increasingly simple b. inflation is rampant c. product life cycles are compressing d. product launch windows are widening 15. A product is introduced into a market, gains the acceptance of a fickle public and is finally supplanted by a new and improved offering. This phenomenon is known as ____________. a. the product life cycle b. the rule of 80 c. the Mendoza line d. the beta 16. External stakeholders that are external to a project but possess the power to effectively disrupt the project’s development are ____________ groups. a. intervenor b. environmental c. stressor d. special-interest 17. Which of the following statements about clients is best? a. Client refers to the entire customer organization. b. Clients are concerned with receiving the project as quickly as they can possibly get it. c. Client groups tend to have similar agendas. d. A single presentation is best when dealing with all client groups in an organization so that everyone hears exactly the same message. 18. The tendency of employees in a functionally organized company to become fixated on their own concerns and work assignments to the exclusion of the needs of other departments is known as _____________. a. layering b. myopia c. nepotism d. siloing 19. The functional structure is well-suited when _____________. a. there are low levels of external uncertainty b. there is high instability in the environment c. project coordination is assigned to the lowest levels in an organization d. there must be rapid response to external opportunities and threats 20. The manager of the Super Burrito Project is in the midst of an important project team meeting but Fred Fromage, the representative from the Cheese department, is nowhere to be found. After a brief investigation, it is determined that Fred’s manager in the Cheese department has other plans for Fred’s time and efforts over the next several days and he simply won’t be available for Super Burrito Project work. The organizational structure being used here is unquestionably a ______________. a. strong matrix b. weak matrix c. project organization d. chevre organization 21. A major weakness of a matrix organizational structure for project management occurs when _____________. a. the environment is dynamic b. the number of human resource coordination meetings is considered c. resources are scarce and shared between functional responsibilities and the competing project d. one considers the dual importance of project management and functional efficiency 22. The PMO is used to protect and support the skill of project management under the _____________ model. a. resource pool b. weather station c. control tower d. project 23. The PMO is used to maintain and provide a cadre of skilled and trained project professionals, as needed, under the _____________ model. a. control tower b. cadre c. weather station d. resource pool 24. A writer estimates it will take three months to generate spiffy documents to accompany a seminal work in operations management. He grossly underestimates the time required and misses his deadline by two months. This estimate was ____________ and ____________. a. objective; accurate b. subjective; accurate c. objective; inaccurate d. subjective; inaccurate 25. A wedding planner allows $10,000 for flowers and three weeks to receive all RSVPs back from the list of 700 guests. Both estimates are correct within a fraction of a percent. We could describe this factoid as ____________ and ____________. A) numeric; subjective B) numeric; objective C) nonnumeric; subjective D) nonnumeric; objective Text: Project Management Second Edition, 2010 ISBN-10: 0136065619 Jeffery K. Pinto Prentice Hall
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