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Managed Healthcare Organization Part A (****** Answered All 4 Questions + APA Format + References with cited ******)

Part A 

Question 1

Hospital ownership can be not-for-profit, for-profit, or governmental. Based upon your own experiences and your learning in this course, which type of hospital would you like to manage? Explain the rationale for your choice.

Question 2

Numerous examples of Baldridge Award winning Mission/Vision/Values statements are included in your textbook. Consider your own healthcare organization, or an organization that you would someday like to lead, and formulate your own Mission/Vision/Values for that organization.

Question 3



Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) has been lauded as one of the best places to work in America. That gives them a tremendous advantage in recruiting physicians, nurses, and allied health personnel. It sends a powerful signal to patients and to the hospital’s community about the quality of the organization. How did NCH accomplish that? What lessons can you take away from NCH to improve your own healthcare organization or the organization that you aspire to lead some day?

Question 4

Ask any hospital CEO to make a list of his/her biggest challenges in leading a hospital, and somewhere high on that list will be keeping “operations” distinct from “governance.” The two concepts are critically related, of course, and one must support the other if the hospital or healthcare facility is to thrive. But at the same time, these concepts are quite different. 

Explain in your own words what is meant by “operational leadership” in medicine and how it is different from “strategic leadership” (governance). Provide at least one good example of how each impacts a healthcare organization.

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