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Choose one major corporation and investigate how closely its philanthropic efforts are strategically aligned with its core competencies. Visit the company’s website, read its annual reports, and use other sources to justify your conclusions. Write a 2-3 page response using APA format.

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The first role of a business is to make a profit and being a corporation is the least liable form to do so and certainly the most effective way in this case. However corporations can also have concerns about their community by trying to provide a better world for them. These philanthropic manners are not only intended to provide a better image for the corporation in question, but are also based on the commitment of the corporation to really help out others. Whenever talking about philanthropic corporations it would be very hard to forget to mention the Japanese leader in the auto industry- Toyota. Toyota’s philanthropy isn’t simply based on investing into education, safety and environment (Doing Good Work Where We Work). These values are included within the product itself and built Toyota does brand-image making million prefer Toyota ov