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LSS 5100 Unit III PowerPoint Presentation (****** 6 Slides + Original ******) This assignment will assist you with developing your final assignment in Unit IV, which is an annotated bibliography. First, choose a topic that interests you. Next, navigate to the CSU Online Library. Use the information you have learned about searching the library databases (e.g. Academic OneFile, ebrary, etc.) to locate five scholarly sources that provide information about your chosen topic. For each source, you will want to record: a) the author(s); b) copyright or publication year; c) title of the text; d) other publication information (usually the location or online location where you found the source, including the city and state, or the city and country, as well as the publisher’s name). You will be creating and submitting a PowerPoint Presentation for this assignment. The presentation should contain a minimum of five slides. For the last three (3) slides, you will need to format the source information you recorded from your library search in APA Style as reference citations. You may use the following as a guide: Slide 1- Title (your name, Columbia Southern University, the date) Slide 2- Introduction (in your own words, write a brief introduction to your topic and why you chose it) Slide 3- Two APA Style reference citations Slide 4- Two APA Style reference citations Slide 5- One APA Style reference citation This assignment focuses on two course outcomes: Course Outcome 1: Examine the role of critical thinking for both a learner in a graduate program and as a professional in an industry. Course Outcome 4: Demonstrate effective online communication using a visual presentation medium. LSS5100 Unit III | PowerPoint Presentation
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