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Learning Strategies for Success in Graduate Programs (LSS), LSS 5100 Unit I Essay In Unit I, you read three articles about one of the three key foundations to successful online learning- time management. Organization and communication are equally important elements to you becoming successful as an online learner. For your essay, discuss how you can use organization, time management, and communication towards your career or how you can use these to be a successful online learner (500 words maximum). This assignment focuses on one course outcome: Course Outcome 2: Develop an essay focusing on the three key elements of online learning: time management, communication, and organization. LSS 5100 Unit I Discussion Board In this class, and your other online classes, you will be using your keyboard to communicate. The expectation for written communication on the Internet is known as Netiquette. One website that explains the ten core rules of Netiquette is Be sure to read this website so that your written posts in the Discussion Board will be perceived the way you intended them. Welcome to Learning Strategies for Success in Graduate Programs at Columbia Southern University! Take a moment to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and professor. In your introduction, share some interesting facts about your personal and professional life. What is your academic goal, and what motivates you to attend college at this time in your life? (250 words minimum) LSS/5100 LSS5100 Unit I Discussion Board & LSS/5100 LSS5100 Unit I Essay ______________________________________________________________________ LSS/5100 LSS5100 Unit I Discussion Board & Essay (2 Pages + APA Format + References)
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