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Loin Cabinetry produces two models of home shelving, the Basic-Super and the Mega-Super. Data on operations and costs for November are:

Basic-Super Mega-Super Total

Machine hours 8,000 4,000 12,000

Direct labor hours 6,000 4,000 10,000

Units produced 1,000 250 1,250

Direct material costs $20,000 $ 7,500 $27,500

Direct labor costs 129,000 71,000 200,000

Manufacturing overhead costs 348,200

Total costs $575,700

Required: Compute the predetermined overhead rate, assuming Loin Cabinetry uses:

(a) Direct labor hours to allocate overhead costs.

(b) Direct labor costs to allocate overhead costs.

(c) Machine hours to allocate overhead costs.

(d) Compute the unit cost for each model under each overhead method.

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