Locate H.R. 3962, H.R. 3590 transcript of the debate on final version of health care bill. - 7575

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Locate H.R. 3962, H.R. 3590, and the transcript of the debate on the final version of the health care bill. Describe the evolution of the bill and analyze the process. How was this law shaped? What arguments were made by the different political parties and interest groups? Go to Thomas and find the published bill. Write a 5-6 page paper comparing and contrasting the two versions. In your answer, address the following: What are the differences between the original bill as drafted and the final bill? Identify the steps of the legislative process as illustrated by the evolution of this bill, including: introduction of a bill, committee consideration, committee action, House debate and vote, Senate debate and vote, conference committee, Presidential signature/veto. How was this law shaped? What arguments were made by different political parties? Which interest groups were involved? What were their issues? Make sure you look at views from both sides of the political spectrum. Analyze: a) The intention behind the passage of Health Care Reform was positive. b) Whether the bill accomplished the intended purposes. c) Whether the goals of the health care reform proponents were derailed by the political process.

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