Literary Analysis Essay about "hunger games" movie (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 34008

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help me with Literary Analysis Essay about "hunger games" movie 

this is message of my professor:
Final paper notes:

Get started as soon as possible. The final paper is due by 10:00 AM next Friday (May 10), but you may submit it as early as next Wednesday (May 8).

Focus on the movie. Make the novel secondary. Of course, you need more information from the novel if your paper argues whether the movie adaptation captures the essence of the novel. 

If you feel stuck (thesis), consider approaching this paper similar to the textual analysis paper. In other words, begin with a theme, your overall interpretation of the story, or what made the most impact on you (positively or negatively). Then, make a clear argument and support it with three reasons or examples.

You need quotes and scene descriptions to support each of your points. Include in-text citations and a Works Cited page. 

If you can, quote experts or critics. Cite any quotes or paraphrasing.

Acknowledge the opposing viewpoint (the opposite of your thesis). See notes or PowerPoint on argumentative essays.
In the introduction, name the title of the novel, the novel's author, and the director and main actor of the movie adaptation. 

Name the title again in your conclusion. 

For your convenience, I have attached useful guides. 

Review the film supplements as well.

The paper has to be 1100 words at least excluding reference page.
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