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A.  Explain (suggested length 2–3 paragraphs) one listening strategy that would be easily incorporated into any lesson plan and that reinforces the use of listening or oral communication skills. 



B.  Create an activity that is meant to develop a specific listening or oral communication skill (e.g., listen attentively; listen without interrupting; ask and answer questions, speak in complete sentences).

C.  Discuss (suggested length 2–3 paragraphs) how to support the development of listening and oral communication skills for all students.

D.  Discuss (suggested length of 1–2 pages) why listening and oral communication skills are important to the development of language. 

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Listening Strategy


Active listening is a skill that can be incorporated into any lessen.  Active listening is listening for meaning.  The listener will check with the presenter in order to check for understanding of the new information.  The goal is to improve mutual understand, that of the listener and that of the presenter, in our case the teacher and the student.  All too often when students are listening they are not listening attentively, they may be distracted or thinking about other things or even about what the teacher may say next.  Active listening is a structured way of listening and responding to the teacher.  It focuses attention on the teacher.

                        There are several strategies for active listening.  The listener should keep in mind why they are listening.  A conscious effort should be made to focus on the presenter and not to let your mind wander.  The listener should think about the ideas and information they hear and to listen to words that signal importance.  Make a conscious effort. Focus on the text your teacher reads. Do not let your mind wander. Listen for key words and phrases, main ideas, and important facts and details. Notes can be taken to help comprehension.  Lastly get your questions answered if you have them. 


Once lesson activity that can be used to demonstrate active listening is have th