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Lencrafter operation strategy and how the organization seeks to gain a competitive advantage regarding sustainability.


An operation strategy is a proposal specifying how an association will allocate assets so as to boast foundation and production. An operations procedure is commonly determined by the general business technique of the Association and is intended to boost the adequacy of generation and bolster components while minimizing costs.

Competitive advantage is advantaged gained when a firm obtains attributes that permit it to perform at an advanced level than others in the same industry(Barnes, 2008).

Companies can gain a competitive edge by implementing value-creating strategies, not simultaneously being implemented by any current competitor. These policies need to be rare, valuable, and non-substitutable. An economical upper hand happens when an association obtains or adds to a trait or mix of ascribes that permits it to beat its rivals. These qualities can incorporate access to standard assets or access to exceedingly prepared and talented staff HR. It is a favorable position (over the opposition), and must have some life; the opposition must not have the capacity to do it immediately, or it is not supportable. It is the leverage that is not effortlessly replicated and, subsequently, can be kept up over an expanded time frame. The upper hand is a critical determinant of predominant execution and guarantees survival and noticeable setting in the business sector (Barnes, 2008). Prevalent execution is a definitive, wanted objective of a firm; upper hand turns into the establishment. It gives firms the capacity to stay in front of present or potential rivalry and guarantee market authority.

Lens Crafters seeks to gain a competitive advantage regarding sustainability in the following ways

  1. Creating a customer loyalty base- lens crafter customers mus