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Discussion, first review the hypothetical below: “Late at night in a run-down part of the city a cold rain falls. A homeless man seeks shelter under a highway overpass. He tries to keep his infant child warm under his ragged coat. The infant’s cries of hunger pierce the darkness. On the overpass, the man sees a bread truck stopped with a flat tire. The driver has left to find a gas station, leaving the truck unlocked. Desperate, the man grabs a loaf or two of bread and some milk with one hand, holding the infant close with the other. He sees that the driver left his wool jacket on the front seat. He grabs that too, wraps the child in it, and runs off into the night.

”Is it Stealing? Then discuss the "Stealing" hypothetical with your classmates. Using the basic ethical, moral, and philosophical concepts of Utilitarianism, Egoism, Kant’s Categorical Imperative, and interpretations of the “Golden Rule” from Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam: State whether or not you believe the man’s actions, in whole or in part, are ethically defensible. Be sure to address the following questions: Was it right for the man to steal the bread and milk? How about the jacket? If the man finds money in the jacket pocket, and he’s weak with hunger, can he buy food for himself with the money?

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According to the law stealing is always wrong no matter the reason behind the theft. Other moral concepts or theories find that stealing is a necessity in some cases. For example Utilitarian’s believe that if stealing would bring the individual a mea

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