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Identify one of your state’s standards (related to your content area) that could be aligned to three distinct instructional goals.



B.  Identify three of your state’s instructional goals (for a specific grade level and for your content area) that align to the state standard you selected.


Note: Specific terminology may differ from state to state. What one state refers to as an objective might actually fall under the goal category. One state might include only standards and not instructional goals or vice versa. If that is the case, you will need to construct the missing elements based on information provided. Refer to the definitions in the Given and use your best judgment to determine your state’s standards and goals.


C.  For each of the three instructional goals, develop three original and measurable (e.g., measured through formal or informal assessments) learning objectives that are relevant to the goals.


D.  For each instructional goal, write a brief justification for the objectives you have created (suggested length of 1 paragraph per instructional goal).

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Learning Objectives


SC.S.3.2 Content of Science


WV State Standard for 3rd grade Elementary Education.


Students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge, understanding and applications of scientific facts, concepts, principles, theories, and models as delineated in the objectives.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships among physics, chemistry, biology and the earth and space sciences.
  • apply knowledge, understanding and skills of science subject matter/concepts to daily life experiences.


WV State Instructional Goals


1) Identify the structures of living things, including their systems and explain their functions.

  • The student will be able to name and state a function of sever