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Learning Needs Assessment

NUR 588



Learning Needs Assessment

            Grant (2002) writes, “Learning needs assessments can be undertaken for many reasons, so its purpose should be defined and should determine the method used and the use made of findings.”  In the healthcare setting therefore, the use of a learning needs assessment is to determine what areas need re-education as well as an indicator of what method may be best utilized.  Continuing education in hospitals is of utmost importance.  In order to deliver safe and effective care to patients, nurses as well as other health care providers must continually strive to remain educated.  In order for nurses to remain knowledgeable, continuous self-motivation is needed in order to keep abreast of new developments in patient care. Additionally, in order to remain a proficient nurse it is important to remain informed of new care modalities as well as reinforce current skills. Identifying what topics need to be taught or if there is learning needs is essential.  Performing a learning needs assessment will provide this information to educators.  Educators will then take this information and create learning programs in order to meet those needs identified.

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            Homestead Hospital is one of five hospitals within B