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Term Project:

Each student is to write and turn in a Leadership Action Plan (LAP) using the Student Leadership Inventory (SPLI) by Kouzes and Posner. This is an online survey (there is an additional charge ) consisting of a self assessment plus the views of five (5) to twelve (12) peers, colleagues, etc. that you pick.  Each student will use this data to develop a personal leadership plan (LAP) which includes capabilities (strengths & weaknesses), characteristics e.g. preferred leadership style &plan for improving flexibility in use of leadership styles, experiences (positive & negative) and an assessment process. The plan should describe the capabilities the student will develop and actions taken for personal development.

Grading for individual LAP (see grading form from the instructor)

  • Quality of writing, grammar, spelling, readability and consistency in style
  • Analysis and use of key points or issues
  • Synthesis in the quality of the conclusions drawn and how they reflect the key issues identified.
  • Depth of insight and thoughtfulness of the analysis

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