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How does a manager’s leadership style influence his or her effectiveness in the workplace? Provide a specific example


According to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester the leadership definition is "the process of influencing the behavior of other people toward group goals in a way that fully respects their freedom." The emphasis on respecting their freedom is an important one, and one which must be the hallmark of Christian leadership. Jesus influenced many diverse people during his ministry but compelled no-one to follow Him. The reason I say this is not to talk about religion but to prove to you that leadership is a very powerful word. Just like Jesus the leader and we the followers the same thing with managers and his employees as followers. Is not that the manager is to be adored or anything like that but managers have a big influence on his employees. This influence can be either good or bad this is why managers need to be extremely careful with their actions. To me this statement is very true “the manager's leadership style can influence his effectiveness at the workplace”. The reason is that a leader is a charismatic, godlike, figure representing power and control over the employees. If the leader is using this power and control rightly and sets the right directions for the employees, then the effectiveness at the workplace increases. It will depend on the type of business, organization, etc. to know how big this leadership influence is, it will also depend what leadership styles this leader likes to use with his employees. The most common styles of leadership are: bureaucratic, laissez-faire, autocratic and democratic.  This leadership style will directly impact the behavior of the employees.

The best example I can think about right now is the President of Cuba, in this case the leader, dictator, he uses autocratic leadership. He does not consult the people on what he wants to do, he just does it, he does not need opinion, permissions, etc. he decides for himself and the people need to follow and respect him otherwise they go to jail or are killed. Not to go to extremes, I know this does not happen in organization but this is a perfect example of how extremist a leader can be. We must always remember that leadership can directly impact the productivity of workers and the culture and environment of the workplace.


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How does a manager’s leadership style influence his or her effectiveness in the workplace? Provide a specific example