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Week 3 Quiz

1 When ________ is of importance in decision making, group decisions are preferred to individual decisions. 

  • efficiency
  • speed
  • clear responsibility
  • acceptance of solution


2 Shirley Shands is a hard worker but Debra, her manager, is irritated with her. While Debra concedes that Shirley’s work gives her no cause for complaint, Debra is tired of the interruptions in her work because of Shirley asking for repeated clarifications over what exactly she has to say in e-mails or phone calls. She often requests Debra to proofread her e-mails before sending them, and Debra feels she sends too many e-mails instead of just speaking to the person concerned. From the scenario, we can conclude that ________.

  • Shirley uses filtering when communicating with Debra
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