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Laws310 Week 1 (***** APA Format + References + as discussed ******)


1. Assume that federal health investigators are pursuing a report that one of your manufacturing plants has a higher-than-average incidence of cancer among its employees. The plant happens to keep excellent medical records on all its employees, stretching back for decades, which might help identify the source of the problem. The government demands the files. But if the company turns them over, it might be accused of violating the privacy of all those workers who had submitted to private medical exams. The company offers an abstract of the records, but the government insists on the complete files, with employee names. Then the company tries to obtain releases from all the workers, but some of them refuse. If you give the records to the feds, the company has broken its commitment of confidentiality. What would you do?


2. Should American companies refuse to do business in countries:

a. That do not practice democracy?

b. That routinely practice discrimination?

c. That tolerate or even encourage the abuse of children? Explain.




Your responses should be well-rounded and analytical, and should not just provide a conclusion or an opinion without explaining the reason for the choice. For full credit, you need to use the material from the week's lectures, text, and/or discussions when responding to the questions. It is important that you incorporate the question into your response (i.e., restate the question in your introduction) and explain the legal principle(s) or concept(s) from the text that underlies your judgment. For each question (and each component if there are multiple sections of one question), you should provide at least one reference in APA format (in-text citations and references as described in detail in the Syllabus). Each answer should be double spaced in 12-point font, and your response to each question should be between one and three paragraphs in length.



Laws 310 Week 1 Discussion Question 

Law 310 Week 1 DQ's

Laws 310 Week 1 



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