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Based on the roles, duties, and responsibilities of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, what are the similarities and differences in the management of operations among federal, state, and local law enforcement. Be sure to consider at least 3 of the concepts from the Peak text (Justice Administration) used in some of your previous courses: Functional Differentiation, Occupational Differentiation, Vertical Differentiation, Spatial Differentiation, Centralization, Formalization, and Administrative Intensity. If you do not have access to your text anymore, the information on the seven specific elements of law enforcement organizational structure can be found on the Internet

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Every law enforcement agency is different and each has its own unique roles and jurisdictions. Local law enforcement agencies are responsible for the day to policing responsibilities in a county, town or city. They identify and arrest criminal suspects and provide routine patrols as well as uphold traffic enforcement laws and conduct criminal investigations. The l