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Contract Creation and Management

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Contract Creation and Management

            No matter the company or organization, the manager works for he or she should know how to handle any dispute in claims of breaching a contract. The following University of Phoenix Simulation shows managers the correct way to handle a specified dispute between two companies, disputing a breach of contract. The first thing managers need to look upon the contract formation itself.

Contract Formation


            From the very beginning of forming this contract between the parties, issues arose from how the contract was processed. “Every clause was negotiated fiercely and the parties could barely reach a consensus. Even the specific requirements of the software were never entirely clear to any party” (University of Phoenix Simulation, 2012). However, after all these debates on the various clauses of the contract it seems that the signing of the contract finally happened, however, it was shrouded in ambiguities. In the following paragraph, information in relation to the dispute is present.


This simulation gives managers a look at possibilities of resolving a dispute between Span Systems a software development company, and a German bank titled Citizen-Schwartz AG aka C-S. The dispute starts with the timeliness of delivery of the product, along with the quality of the product itself. C-S claims that since testing the product developed by Span Systems, found that the pr

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