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Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities Memo

? Resources: Contract Creation and Management Simulation

? Conduct the Contract Creation and Management simulation, located on your student


? Identify the legal issues present in the simulation and note the legal principles that

apply to each legal issue.

? Reflect on the legal principles presented in this week’s readings.

? Prepare a memo in which you discuss the legal risks and opportunities that are in the

simulation, and complete the following:

o Identify what a manager might do to avoid those risks, to minimize liabilities, and

to benefit from opportunities. Each legal risk or opportunity is governed by

specific principles.

o Identify the legal principles and relate specific measures managers might take to

minimize legal risk or realize legal opportunities.

o Evaluate alternatives to resolve problems identified in the simulation.

o Explain which alternative approach you believe is best and explain why.

? Write a memo of no more than 1,400 words.


? Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines.

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