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Review Exhibit 2.1: Typical State Court System.    

that the higher on this chart the case is the more expensive it is for all parties.

Write a memo ona state (not federal)  level business dispute. Describeas if you were writing a "white paper" for your boss who wants to know how a case like the one you have chosen would be processed throughout the various legal phases in a state court system.

Because most cases never make it to trial, it is also important to consider alternative methods of dispute resolution. Suppose your selected case was initially submitted to ADR. What methods of ADR would be available to pursue? Which of these ADR methods do you think would be the most appropriate? Why?

a paper of 500-700 words in which you compare and contrast the traditional litigation system with the different types of Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) as a way of resolving business disputes. You must discuss how litigation and the different forms of ADR impact the business involved in the dispute.  This is the only topic you may write about.

Pursuant to University Standards, your paper must be in APA format.  Do not include an abstract.

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Week 1 The Legal

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