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1 Emma Employee works as a salesperson.  Her company, International Widgets, implements a sales incentive program:  If any salesperson sells 100 units in July, they will receive a $12,000.00 bonus.  International states that the program is discretionary and that International may change it at any time.  Emma is the only salesperson to sell 100 units in July.  After she completes her sales, Emma is told by International that, due to the fact that overall company sales were down, they will invoke their discretionary right and will only pay her a $6,000 bonus.  If you are on Learning Team A or B, set out International’s argument as to why it is legally justified to make this change.  If you are on Learning Team C or D, set out Emma’s argument as to why she is entitled to her bonus.  (Note:  This is an individual assignment.  I am just dividing the class by teams.) 2 Jim’s Bakery is $5,000 behind in rent which must be paid by October 1 or Jim will be evicted.  Jim decides to hold a special sale.  He enters into an agreement with Amos La Famous to have Amos bake his special, unique and very famous cakes which Jim will sell during a special “Take the Cake” sale to run on September 29 and 30 and from which Jim will net $8,000.  On September 24, Amos informs Jim that he has decided to take another job and will not be able to make the cakes for him.  Jim sues Amos.  If you are on either Learning Team B or C, present the legal argument(s) which Jim can use in regard to liability and the damages he is seeking.  If you are on either Learning Team A or D, present the legal argument(s) Amos can use in regard to liability and damages.
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