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1 Matt manages an adult baseball team and scheduled a practice in the evening.  It had rained most of the day and a sporadic drizzle fell during the practice.  After looking at the field, Matt decided to go ahead with the practice since he felt the team needed it before the playoffs.  During the practice, Paul, a player, while running for a fly ball, slid on a particularly wet part of the field and hit a wall surrounding the field, breaking several bones and causing internal injuries.  If your first name begins with a letter between A - Latoya, inclusive, discuss the possible tort actions which Paul could file.  Be sure to list the legal elements of each such tort.  If your first name begins with a letter between Lawrence - Z, inclusive, discuss the defenses which Matt may have in regard to a tort action.  Be sure to indicate why the specific legal elements cannot be established. 2 What types of intellectual property are used at your organization/business? How are they protected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a noncompete clause as opposed to a nondisclosure clause? What privacy and security issues arise when conducting business on the Internet? Provide examples.
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