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Kris Corporation Proposal


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Kris Corporation Proposal

            Kris Corporation is a manufacturer of automotive parts whose headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, with four other locations across the United States. The company has recently hired PJS, Inc. as an information technology consultant to address the upgrade of their network’s integrity and security. In the following proposal, PJS, Inc. will offer suggestions to integrate the five physical locations’ networks, update software and hardware components, and secure the entirety of the network.

            Currently, Kris Corporation is running Windows Server 2008. It is highly recommended that all servers be updated to Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition to allow for more advanced options and server roles. The reasons for using the Datacenter edition of Server 2012, instead of the other three available editions, are client-access licensing, unlimited virtual machines, support for 64 processor chips, and support for 4 terabytes of memory.

            Additionally, upgrading to Server 2012 will add more robust features to Active Directory. Active Directory is built-in to Windows Server and provides central authentication and authorization services for Windows based computers. It also allow