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1. According to Kolb and Coolidge, what are the ways that women conceptualize negotiations
      differently than men?
 2. Define "interpersonal trust." What is the value of this? According to Rotter's research how is interpersonal trust determined by the experiences that individuals have in dealing with
3. How does the nature of agreements vary between cultures? What did researchers Adler,
      Brahm and Graham find about the differences in negotiation strategies and tactics in the
      cultures of the Chinese and Americans?
4. The subject of how to deal with difficult people in the workplace has received increasing
 attention in recent years from several authors who have made several valid points in dealing with this type of person.  First, everyone can exhibit difficult behaviors or be difficult to deal with at times; some people, however, are invariably difficult, and their behavior follows predictable and identifiable patterns. What are the other two points?
(2 sourced needed for each question)
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