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JWI 505 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION The Art of Persuasion Scenario: You are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea and you want to pitch it on the TV show, "Shark Tank." Your product or service should be something the Sharks want to sink their teeth into. Draft a 1-2 minute pitch of your idea, using one of the techniques described in the Weekly Materials. Your pitch should contain a brief non-confidential description of your business product or service, explain any differentiating advantages, and end with a call to action. Then discuss the persuasive technique(s) you used and why you chose them. NOTE: For those who have not watched the "Shark Tank" TV show, check it out here: Sample Shark Tank Pitches NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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If you are like me, you may try to eat healthy, but the problem is most things we like are not healthy foods.  And if you are really like me, you love bread.  Well, what if I told you that you can eat tasty delicious bread that is healthy for you and helps the environment? 

Hello, my name is Leo Garcia and I’m co-owner of Garcia Bread Co.  We make all natural, organic breads using no preservatives, no added sugars, or fats.  Our breads are homemade and come in a variety of delicious flavors.

The health and fitness industry is a $30 billion dollar industry (Midgley, 1).  Specifically, the organic bread trend is expected to grow another 6% between 2016 and 2022 (Reuters, 2). We want to tap into that healthy lifestyle trend by helping America eat delicious healthy breads! And, unlike our competitors, we use sustainable ingredients as we partner with local farms to promote a farm-to-fork environment.

We are asking for $15K for 10% stake in the company. Our company is a year old and our business has grown quite a bit over the last year. We are needing capital to expand our operations to meet our consumer’s demands.

You no longer have to choose between healthy and delicious!  So what do you say?  Want to eat some delicious bread, while helping yourself, and America, eat healthy?!


Persuasive Techniques:

For my pitch, I wanted to focus on a few techniques learned during this week’s readings. I wanted to appeal to emotions, reciprocity, offer a solution, and to show how the industry is growing. I also wanted to introduce the product and build interest by showing the benefit to the customer.

The act of appealing to emotions is known as Pathos (Gallo, 3).  One of the techniques I wanted to focus on was connecting with the audience at an emotional level.  My first three lines are attempting to connect with the audience’s emotions about healthy eating versus eating delicious foods.

I wanted to provide samples to the audience of the breads we make to appeal to the reciprocity effect. Keller writes that people who receive free samples from vendors might make a purchase of their product based on reciprocating the act (Keller, 4). My purpose of providing the free sample is to show off how tasty the product is while also hoping the audience may reciprocate the act and buy or invest in my product.

Offering customers a solution is to directly address an issue they face (MacDonald, 5). I wanted to provide them with an opportunity where the customer doesn’t have to decide whether to eat healthy or delicious food. By eating our bread, the customer can do both.  They are also supporting local farms and a sustainable environment.  It’s a win-win.

Also, I wanted to point out how the industry is continuing to grow.  MacDonald writes that one should remember to provide data and figures to support your claims (5). I provided two quick facts about the industry to support my claim of growth.

Lastly, I wanted to introduce the product and build interest by not just naming the product, but stating what it is and how it benefits the customer (JWI 505, 6).  I wanted to mention several times that our product is tasty, healthy, and organic breads.  I also wanted to state that we partner with local farms so when you purchase our products you are also supporting sustainable environments.


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