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JWI 505 WEEK 4 DISCUSSION Difficult Conversations As you saw in the Penny's Performance Review video, employees do not always understand they are not meeting expectations until it’s too late. Scenario: The performance of your top employee has recently slipped. You had a conversation with the employee to address it. The employee improved for a period of time, but slipped again. Now your boss has noticed, which questions your leadership. You do not want to terminate this employee because you know the value of this person and his/her work, and you trust and respect this employee; however, you are starting to look bad. It is time to take action, so you schedule a meeting with the employee. Part One: Discuss your strategy (supported by sources) for the meeting, including: • How will you use candor to make your point clear during the conversation? • How will you remove your own personal emotion from the conversation, while still maintaining empathy and trust with the employee? • Considering the course materials for this week, what techniques for building effective working relationships will you employ, and why do you choose these techniques? Part Two: Write a brief dialog recording the conversation between you and this employee that demonstrates your use of the strategies outlined above. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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I would talk to them about the progress that they have made after the time we spoke. I would ask the employee about their career development. I would leave the conversation by asking if there was anything that was going on that they may want to discuss. I would let them lead the discussion and explain to me what he/she think their barriers may be. I would leave myself open to what ever the feedback they want to give me and ask what could I do to help in the process with assisting them to become even more successful.

                I have to put myself in their shoes if I was in that same situation. How would I want to be addressed, treated and spoken to. “Empathy is a person’s desire and ability to understand another person’s perspective or circumstance, regardless of whether or not he agrees with that person.” (1) There are many of leaders that do not take this into consideration and do not bother to really listen when they address an issue. Your employees are humans as well they are not machines and should not be treated in such a way. This opens the door to a leader developing trust, and being a genuine person.

                Having excellent interpersonal skills would be a key component to developing a productive working relationship. “As Robert Johnson said you have to make friends before you even know you will need them and everyone you meet have something to offer.  When you meet someone your thought process is do I like this person, would they be someone I could consider them as a friend. Just like any relationship you start being personal or professional these are things that you should take into consideration.


Yolandra: Good afternoon Shelia how are you doing today?

Shelia: I am doing good and yourself?

Yolandra: I am doing awesome. I wanted to let you know since the last time we spoke you have been doing an excellent job. I would like for you to continue with that cadence. I like to continue helping you with your growth and development in anyway I can. I am open to any feedback or your concerns you may have. At this I would like to open up the floor for you to address any barriers you may have or had or even experiencing.

Shelia: Well I have been a little overwhelmed and my personal issues has started to leak over into my work. I do not have anyone that I can talk to and this has affected my performance at work. I just do not know what to do or who I can turn to.

Yolandra: I totally understand and as your leaders I am here to help you in anyway possible. If you are not comfortable with sharing your concerns with me and me just listening, you can always contact the EAP. This is why it was put into place to help our employees when they are having a difficult time. I am forwarding you this information to you know. I only want the best for you mentally and physically. Once you have made contact with them keep me posted on how things are progressing and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Shelia: Thank you so much. I was not aware that we even had this program. I will contact them and I appreciate you listening and helping me.  I feel more comfortable coming to you with any issues I may experience.

Yolandra: Glad I could help and any time that is why I am here. I am also glad you