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The definition of a child that has emotional outrage of pain or anger as defined in society today is suggested to become a trouble youth. Living the life of a challenged child hood is some of the factors that may contribute to the factors of juvenile delinquency.

The children of the future are in trouble of being locked up before they get a chance to live their life. “Today, Juvenile facilities nationwide hold some 104,000 offenders” (Cannon, Beiser, 2004, p.29). Out of the 21 million that live in the United States the stated number from above is questionable. Why are there so many, is there a reason for this, and what is being done to understand this? These are questions that may pop into your head as read the first statement. Technologies, pressure from parents, acceptance from society are three factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency.

First we begin with the pressures of parents or the pressures that they may apply to their children. I read an article that the author says it best.

We live in a society that often puts too much stress on financial success and not enough on personal well-being. Because of this parents understandably can over-focus on guiding their children towards a lucrative career rather than giving them time and space to find their own path in life. (Steve, 2008)