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I read and understand Strayer University’s Academic Integrity Policy listed in the Syllabus II of our classroom. In submitting this assignment, I assert that I acknowledged all sources, whether quoted or summarized, in APA citation style. I did not receive unauthorized assistance. I understand that violations of the Academic Integrity Policy will lead to disciplinary action against me, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the University. I understand that all students play a role in preserving the academic integrity of the University and have an obligation to report violations of the Academic Integrity Policy committed by other students.




TekSavvy Consultants

123 Fourth St. NW

Washington, DC  20005-1234

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Ms. Amanda Barnett

Pine Valley Community Hospital

456 Orchard Way

Washington, DC  20017-5678


Dear Ms. Barnett:


Enclosed is a copy of my justification report regarding implementing a communications infrastructure for Pine Valley Community Hospital.  This report is a summary of my findings from the research, which has revealed potential savings for your organization through upgrading your current landline communications for a modern system of communication delivered over Internet Protocol.


As promised in my proposal, this report provides a solution to the hospital’s current outdated system by offering a more efficient way to manage its communications infrastructure.  This report also includes an assessment of the associated costs, benefits and viability of upgrading your communications infrastructure.  In addition, this report outlines recommendations for continued technical support of the communications system.  The Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system is fast becoming the first choice throughout the business community.